Kosmea is founded on the healing properties of certified organic rose hip oil and its unique ability to nourish and balance all skin types.

Kosmea took Australia by storm in 1993 when they launched the first 100% pure certified organic rosehip oil. Since then Kosmea have gone from strength to strength with a complete range of skin care based around organic rosehip oil.

Kosmea is different to most other skin care brands in that they mostly do not make products for particular skin types. Instead by layering different products you get a perfect result for every skin type. Another benefit of this layering approach means you can customise your skin care needs on a daily basis and there's no need to switch creams as the seasons change. Just choose the cleanser for your skin type then use the product layering approach for your own skin's requirement.

Australian natural skincare brand, Kosmea manufactures the world’s finest certified 100% organic rose hip oil. Crammed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, rose hip oil is ideal for dry, scarred, sensitive and mature dry or sun-damaged skin.

From plant to bottle, Kosmea's processes and rose hip oil are certified as organic by not one but four governing bodies, including BCS Europe, Bio Gro NZ, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

The word ‘Kosmea’ comes from Ancient Greek times; it means ’to harmonise or bring into balance‘ and reflects the balancing and harmonising effect that rose hip oil has on the skin. Made in Australia.

USDA Organic