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We are currently moving premises, all treatments are unavailable during this time.

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Spabox offers a range of premium organic skincare for sale and treatments suitable for all skin types and many skin conditions*. Our products are neither harsh to your body nor the environment - eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Many of the ranges are organically-certified, and are also suitable for vegetarian and vegans.

Our product range includes: Dr Hauschka, Green People, Kosmea, Neal´s Yard Remedies¹, Pai, REN, SpaRitual, Suncoat, Suti

Our treatment range is suitable for both women and men.

Holistic Massage

Following a consultation, our massage starts with a stimulating dry body brush followed with a blend of light to deep massage strokes to target individual needs, for soothing, relaxing or energising results.

Hot Oil Full Body ´Envelope´75 mins £52.50
Warmed oils generously massaged in deeply, after which you relax ´enveloped´ in a warmed blanket and head massaged before excess oil is removed. (Advanced booking advisable)
Full Body + Face & Scalp90 mins £50.00
Our holistic body massage is followed with a light face cleanse and a selected facial oil for the face massage.
Full Body Massage60 mins £36.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders (excludes dry body brush) 45 mins £28.75
Valentine Duo Treat Back, Neck & Shoulders (excludes dry body brush) 30 mins £22.00
Hand & Arm20 mins £16.50
A revitalising and moisturising massage for the busiest part of our bodies - fingers, hands and arms.
Tsuboki Face45 mins £35.00
A Japanese face massage, combined with acupressure techniques, works holistically to stimulate complete health and beauty. Working on three levels - lymph flow, muscle tone and face meridians. Resulting in a gentle yet deep and invigorating feeling to the whole body. Massage includes mini facial cleanse (optional) and oil application as part of treatment.
Can also be used as a supplement to any other body or face treatment. Please allow extra 30 mins / £23.00
Tsuboki is not advisable if you are pregnant or have had recent procedures such as Botox.

Mother-to-be Massage

 Ending Soon  Using safe and nurturing pregnancy massage techniques to help to relieve tension in the upper and lower back and alleviate swelling in the hands and feet. Full body option (after 13th week) includes a revitalising face and scalp massage. (Advanced booking advisable).
Not advisable if: History of miscarriage | Complications during this or previous pregnancies | Less than 13 weeks pregnant
Full Body65 mins£40.00
Back or Legs30 mins£25.00

Aromatherapy Massage

A soothing massage with a blend of selected essential oils are applied using long sweeping movements, that are deeply absorbed into the skin to relax, detox or uplift.

Aroma Full Body Massage60 mins £45.00
Valentine Duo Treat Aroma Back Massage30 mins £27.50

Hot Lava Shell Massage

The therapeutic power of heat and massage in one using Tiger clam shells. The shells invigorate muscle tissues, boost circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage as well as reducing the effects of chronic inflammation whilst clearing pathways for accelerated healing. As a bonus, the shells release calcium ions when heated which are also massaged in helping to regulate the skins natural renewal process and give firmer healthier looking skin.
Lava Shell Full Body60 mins£50.00
Lava Shell Target30 mins£30.00
Ideal for targeting a specific area such as abdomen or back, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage

 Ending Soon  A firm rhythmic massage helps release tension, soothe aches and pains and re-balance energy levels, whilst the heated basalt stones release their power and warmth to tired muscles promoting inner peace and tranquillity. (Advanced booking advisable).
Hot Stone Full Body60 mins£45.00
Hot Stone Back30 mins£30.00
Face & Scalp supplementPlease allow extra 30 mins£15.00

Indian Head Massage

A soothing back, shoulders, arms, face, neck and scalp treatment using hand and finger pressures. Easing mental and emotional fatigue, sinus pressure and facial tensions, creating a feeling of balance and mental clarity. This is a seated massage but can be adapted for a lying position, on request. Can be performed clothed (please wear loose fitting top).
Indian Head Massage45 mins £32.00
Indian Head Massage30 mins £24.00
Indian Tsuboki65 mins £42.00
A relaxing yet energising Japanese face technique, Tsuboki works on many levels at the same time. Using acupressure techniques, holistically detoxifies and improves the appearance of the skin.
Tsuboki is not advisable if you are pregnant or have had recent procedures such as Botox.

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Following a consultation and HydraTest Innovative and intelligent skin analysis that measures hydration and oil levels in seconds. Utilising the latest bioelectrical technology, HydraTest provides accurate, instant results about the condition of your skin.
Accurate oil levels | The correct oil levels of the skin are important for the skin’s health
Measure skin hydration | Our busy lifestyles can play havoc with our skin’s hydration and can lead to premature ageing
® skin analysis, we use our premium organic natural brand ranges for our facials involve 6 stages (except Express): deep cleanses, exfoliation, lymphatic and toning facial massage, prescriptive mask, and moisturising.
To optimise your experience please remove waterproof makeup before appointment.

Regenerating75 mins£68.00
A fabulous and energising facial using our premium anti-aging ranges to help counter the signs of ageing to face, throat and décolleté – to visibly reduce lines, tone, revitalise and renew.
Radiance60 mins£60.00
Using REN Radiance range, ideal for dull, tired skin, dramatically improving skin tone and vitality. Also perfect for a instant pick-me-up or pre-party glow. Great for mature skins too.
Pai Organic Detox & Decongest75 mins£55.00
Ideal for combination and oily sensitive skins. Marine plants and clay gently purify and rebalance oily and congested skin whilst maintaining vital moisture and mineral balance; to improve clarity and tone, revealing a clear and radiant complexion.
Core Ingredients: Himanthalia Sea Algae - is very mineral-rich and has a strong sebum balancing complex. Hypoallergenic Ghassoul clay - draws out impurities and blackheads while depositing essential nutrients. Rice water - contains vitamins and amino acids which rebalance moisture levels and enhance skin tone. Sea Fennel and Rosehip - calm, heal and protect sensitive skin.
Relaxing60 mins£50.00
Our relaxing and deep cleansing treat for normal or concern-free skin, using our premium ranges.
Hydrating60 mins£50.00
Perfect for dehydrated skin to revitalise complexion, restore moisture and sebum levels.
Balancing60 mins£50.00
Ideal for combinations skin to refine, rebalance, rejuvenate and purify.
Clarifying60 mins£50.00
Great for blemished or congested skin to deeply cleanse, even complexion and protect.
Soothing60 mins£50.00
Lovely for sensitive or irritated skin.
Clarifying/Detox60 mins£50.00
A deep cleansing facial using sustainably-sourced peat and clay ingredients. Great for blemished or congested skin - hydrating, soothing and healing, detoxing and draining, drawing out impurities to promote smoother skin renewal.
Valentine Duo Treat Express30 mins£28.00
A quick facial consisting of deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser.

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Taster Facials

Our tasters are a perfect way to sample selected skincare ranges.

Tasters are approximately 15 mins and involves a skin consultation, cleanse, tone and moisturise.

  Dr Hauschka   £13.50
  The original and best-known natural skincare range biodynamically created that encourages your skin to harmonise and balance.  
  Ren   £14.00
  Results-driven skincare formulated using the most advanced natural skincare technology.  
  Spiezia   £8.00
  High-quality handmade skincare from Cornish grown herbs and flowers, 100% organic accreditation by Soil Association .  
  Suti   £9.00
  A holistic blend of organic botanicals and rejuvenating minerals, feeding the skin for an intensive moisturising experience.

  Neal's Yard Remedies   £9.00
  A popular holistic range created from potent herbs, oils and extracts, selected for their antioxidant, hydrating, protecting and replenishing properties.


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All our treatments are applied to natural nails; we do not apply or remove gel or artificial nails
Luxury Manicure75 mins £32.00
A nourishing and hydrating treatment restoring suppleness and elasticity, perfect for dry or overworked hands.
The treatment includes exfoliation and massage of forearms and hands including a warming, hydrating soy wax wrap for the hands; cuticle care, nail shaping, and varnish. (Advanced booking advisable)
Manicure45 mins £25.00
A classic treatment that includes exfoliation, cuticle care, nail shaping and varnish.
Mini Manicure30 mins £15.00
Removal of old varnish, cuticle care, nail shaping and varnish.
Amigo Man30 mins £14.00
A fuss-free hydrating manicure for men (and ladies too), with an optional discreetly clear protective matt varnish nail finish.
Quick Fix15 mins £8.50
File and varnish only (to bare nails).
French Polish (supplement)10 mins£3.00
Please allow an extra 10 minutes and supplement fee.

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For pedicures it is advisable to bring/wear sandals.
Luxury Pedicure75 mins £35.50
A nourishing and hydrating treatment to hydrate, replenish and protect, perfect for dry/hard skin or aching feet.
The treatment includes exfoliation and massage of lower legs and feet including a warming, hydrating soy wax wrap
for the feet; cuticle care, nail shaping and varnish. (Advanced booking advisable)
Summer Pedicure60 mins £30.00
Our classic pedicure with a cooling soak and massage with Spearmint, Aloe vera and Tea Tree leaving
your feet feeling soothed and refreshed - perfect hot and tired feet.
Pedicure45 mins £27.00
A classic treatment that includes exfoliation, cuticle care, nail shaping and varnish.
Mini Pedicure30 mins £18.00
Removal of old varnish, cuticle care, nail shaping and varnish.
Quick Fix15 mins £9.50
File and varnish to pre-cleaned/bare nails.
French Polish (supplement)10 mins£3.00
Please allow an extra 10 minutes and supplement fee.

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Centre Yourself Balancing Wrap90 mins£60.00
From a choice of 3 SpaRitual® themes: calm, uplift or energize. This two-part wrap system maximises skin purification and hydration. A unique blend of mineral-rich Amazonian white clay and other nutrients stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, fight free radicals, revitalise and nourish the skin
SpaRitual Backacial60 mins £38.00
This luxurious back treatment consists of a dry back brush, deep cleanse and exfoliation infused with a choice aromas of geranium, ginger or lavender, a relaxing back massage followed by a detoxing buckwheat, rice peptide and acai enriched clay mask, then finishing with a soothing moisturiser – your back will be left feeling cleansed, soothed and hydrated.
Back Soother30 mins £28.00
Back cleanse, exfoliation and soothing massage - releasing tension, stimulating circulation. Ideal for refreshing and detoxing congested skin.


Advanced booking advisable. Please do not apply any creams or oil prior to waxing, and avoid exposure
to sunbeds, hot showers, baths or swimming pools for 24hrs prior or post wax.
1/2 Arm15 mins£12.50
Full Arm25 mins£16.00
Underarm15 mins£8.50
1/2 Back25 mins£15.50
Full Back40 mins£20.00
Shoulders15 mins£10.00
1/2 Back & Shoulders30 mins£18.75
Full Back & Shoulders45 mins£25.00
Chest25 mins£15.50
Chest & 1/2 Back50 mins£25.00
Bikini (Basic)15 mins£10.00
Bikini (Extended/High leg)20 mins£11.75
1/2 Tummy (Navel to Bikini line)20 mins£12.00
Full Tummy (Chest to Bikini line)40 mins£23.00
1/2 Leg20 mins£15.50
3/4 Leg35 mins£18.00
Full leg40 mins£22.00
Full Leg (Inc. Bikini)60 mins£28.00
Lip or Chin15 mins£7.00
Lip & Chin20 mins£12.50
Lip & Eyebrow20 mins£12.50
Eyebrow15 mins£8.00
Eyebrow Re-shape30 mins£11.50

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Lash & Brow Tinting

Advanced booking advisable. A patch test is necessary at least 24 hours prior to first tint appointment.
Please be advised that contact lenses must be removed.
Eyebrow15 mins£9.00
Eyelash25 mins£10.50
Eyebrow & Eyelash35 mins£15.50
Tint & Wax: Eyebrow25 mins£14.50
Tint & Wax: Eyebrow & Eyelash40 mins£22.00
Times are approximate.


Spabox Full Quartet 3 hours 30 mins £124.50
Four full treatments consisting of a full body holistic massage, facial*, manicure and pedicure
(*excludes Radiance and Regenerating facials)
Spabox Quartet 2 hours £74.00
Four 30-minute treatments consisting of a holistic massage, express facial, mini manicure and mini pedicure
Spabox Duet 2 hours £77.50
60-minutes full body holistic massage and facial (excluding Radiance and Regenerating facials)
Tips & Toes Delight 2 hours 20 mins £60.75
Luxury manicure and pedicure. (Advanced booking advisable)
Indian Head (45 mins) + Quick Tips & Toes70 mins £45.00
Indian Head (30 mins) + Manicure or Pedicure70 mins £45.00
Treatment length timings are approximate.

To optimise the benefits of your treatment drink plenty of water after your experience, and
if possible, avoid heavy meals or alcohol for at least 8 hours.
Please Note
  • Deposits: A 50% deposit is required on all bookings, which is not refundable if you fail to arrive or do not cancel within the time indicated.
  • Arrival: Please arrive promptly at your appointed time as we currently have no waiting area if you arrive earlier. A prompt appointment schedule is adhered to, late appointments may not be honoured - treatments begun late will still finish at the appointed time, as a courtesy to the next client. All treatment times include preparation, consultation and relaxation time. To save time on your first visit, a health questionnaire can be emailed to you, which you can then complete and bring with you (please request at time of booking). Treatments are subject to change without prior notice. If we need to amend any aspect of your treatment, an alternative to the same or greater value will be substituted.
  • Cancellations: we require 48 hours notice or the full fee for the treatment may be payable. The minimum age for treatments is 18 years. Spabox regrettably cannot accommodate babies and children. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Returns Policy: We can only offer a credit note for any goods returned, providing they are returned within 7 days of purchase, along with proof of purchase, unopened, seals intact and in a resalable condition.
  • Medical: Please advise us at time of booking, of any medical conditions, recent surgery, allergies or health concerns you may have; or if you are under your GP´s guidance or you are pregnant and in the first trimester, as some treatments may be unsuitable or require adaption. If you are unsure of your suitability please consult your doctor.
  • Promotional discounts and offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice.

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15% off any 3 or more pre-paid massages.
10% off any 3 or more pre-paid facials (excludes Tasters).
Simply pay for all your treatments in advance then book each treatment at a time that's convenient for you.

Gift Vouchers

Spabox Gift Vouchers can be redeemed in-store products and treatments. Vouchers can be purchased purchased online or in-store. Valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

  • * Our products are intended for cosmetic and supportive use only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.